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Frequently asked questions

Whats is Fameus Media Photography ?

Fameus Media Photography is Professional Studio for Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Family photography session. Cool Packages with few Dress options, Props, Shoot, Products, Editing etc.

What is the shoot process ?

1- Call us to Know our availability as per your Package requirement. 

      Note – Date section in the booking form must not be confused with confirmed date of session.          As we are taking the date input to know your preference. We will review the form and call you          Once to verify and then send a confirmation message. 

2. Fill our Booking Form reading all the T&C.

     Note – Don’t Skip before proceeding for Booking.

3. Quotation will be sent with all Package details and Payment terms.

4. Slot will be confirmed with advance payment.

5. A Summary call is made a day prior your session date ( Between 12pm – 3pm )

     Note – Ordering of Cake will be done at this moment if required from our end. Time Slot and             Address will be reconfirmed and sent over WhatsApp to avoid any confusions.

6. We love Photographing Memories. Its the session day and we are excited for your session. 

Note – We normally take 25-30 shots per pose which, depends on the shoot type, includes full frame shots, top angle shots, mid-frame poses, and close up shots. If you have any specific requirement do let us know  during the shoot or in advance in pre-shoot consultation.

7. At the end of Session, you will be Introduced with Products like Album, Prints and will be instructed with further details about Raw Image and Deliverables.

8. Remaining Full Payment is to be done at this stage. 

Note – Your Raw files ( Jpeg format ) will backed-up with us and All Raw Images will be sent within 24 hours of your session via a cloud service link. 

We will wait for your shortlist to begin our editing and further deliverables.

9. Further Deliverables will be provided as per the timelines mentioned in Quotation.

Where will the shoot take place?
  • Professional 3000sq ft Studio based in Noida sec 63
  • Visit our Contact us Page for Map location to our studio.
Is there any Fixed Time Slot booking ?
  • We book for different Time Slots depending upon the type of package you choose. We are flexible with timings as per Customers requirement. We understand the time management strategy with Baby Shoot. We can explain in more detail over call as per our experiences. Call or whatsApp us at 91 9311614233 to discuss timings in detail.
  • We request Customers to inform us anything in prior to the session date regarding timings.
  • Customer’s must arrive at the studio location as per the allotted time slot. A late start will result in a shorter session, & neither of us wants the same. Click Here to Check distance to Fameus Media Studio location
  • Refunds or Reshoot will not be done for cut short session or missed session due to late arrival.
How do you manage Baby's requirements ?
  • We have a separate Air conditioned/Heater access Client Room along with Dress Changing area, Feeding space. Attached washroom available which is normally required after CakeSmash or other sessions to clean/bath for Baby.
Do you provide Mom or Dad Dresses too ?
  • We don’t provide Dresses/Gowns for Moms
  • Neither we provide dress options for Family as of now.
Do you provide Baby Dresses too ?
  • We do not provide Baby dresses . But we have few outfits options available.  
  • We do have few specific accessories like Hat in different shades, Flower bonnets, wraps and tiarra etc. We are open to consultation regarding dress arrangements. Do consult once again for dresses before shoot plan*
Do the session include family portraits?
  • Family photos are done in 2 different styles.
  • Large Sized Family Setup options available specifically for Family poses/shoot
    We will guide you with 8 Family /Baby/Sibling Poses specifically
    or if customer have any specific pose in their to-do list, we are open to suggestions.
  • 2 Family Poses ( ₹1500 for 2 Family pose on any 1 Baby Setup) are also done too.
    But since Baby setups are smaller in dimension as per Baby, only sitting poses can be done due to setup size limitations.
  • Call or Whatsapp us at 9311614233 for in depth clarification regarding the Family session.
What about the Cake for Cake Smash session ?
  • For Cake Smash Session, either customers can come up with their Own Cake or we will provide you Design and Prices ( starting* Rs 520/half kg ) Payment is to be done by Customer for the Cake arranged by us while paying 100% of the session amount at the end of session.
  • We recommend to invest a little time for deciding the Cake design and Cake color because its very crucial part of Cake smash session. 
How many Dress can I use on each setup ?

We recommend 1 Dress use / theme because usually Babies get’s Cranky during dress change. Session duration get’s disturbed. We won’t be responsible for session delay and in this case, No further slots will be provided for pending session.

What if I want to Reschedule the Photosession ?

Slot Reschedule Policy ( Before Session )

Please note, a Date-slot once allotted can be rescheduled once (incase of Emergency) without any charges. If client wishes to reschedule the slot more than onetime – Fameus Media photography have the right to ask for a Reschedule fees equal to the advance amount of the session incases of 2nd time Rescheduling.

NOTE – We know that No Client would want their session to be postponed unless any Emergency happens. But Still We being Professionals want our Slot time and Efforts to be valued at the same time. For this reason, we would be charging Reschedule Fees equal to the advance amount of the session.

Session Reschedule Policy ( After Session )

Once the session starts, if the Baby gets Super cranky, the pending session can be rescheduled at a future date. A client must not force Fameus Media to provide a prime (Weekend Slot) for a Rescheduled session.

Note – Rescheduling within 30 days can be done from your session date as per mutual availability.

Note – We won’t be Rescheduling further even a Baby is getting Cranky if the CLIENT is coming 30 mins+ delay for the

session. As we are providing all the Time Flexibilities in Advance as per our years of Experience. So would request Customers to be before/on time for the Session.

Can we see images during the session ?

Review Process During Photo Session

The review process is an important part of the shoot and we encourage you to review the images any number of times you want during the session. Clients can freely keep a check on Images with Our photographer with every 15-30 shots.

Note Important – If a Client don’t review the images while you are at

the studio, we will assume you are satisfied with the images.

A session once completed along with the Clients On-the-spot review process, can’t be Rescheduled just for the lack of Smile or Expressions as necessary time and efforts for session will be completed by then.

Do you provide Studio, Outdoor and Home sessions ?
  • We only provide Studio sessions. 
  • We don’t provide Home sessions due to large sized setups, props and equipment.
  • Even we always recommend to prefer for Studio sessions for access to all the services regarding Setups, props, Deliverable demos and most valuable Artistic touch in photographers freedom space.
  • We don’t either cover Functions/ Event/ B’day photography etc.